September 02, 2021

Most newborns love to be carried, but as a new mom, you have many things to do, such as cooking, cleaning, and caring for other children.  By babywearing your newborn or infant in a soft carrier (baby sling) you can accomplish many daily tasks while still holding your little one close to you!

babywearing benefit

Carriers come in many different styles and sizes which can help accommodate your body type or just fit into your lifestyle easier. Include baby carrier, ring sling, baby wrap.

You may need more than one baby carrier to fit your growing little one.

 There are many benefits to wearing your baby in a carrier, including:

  1. Bonding with the baby for both of you! Newborn love being carried close so they can view their surroundings and mommy's face. This makes them feel safe while giving them an opportunity to see their world from a different perspective.benefit  of babywearing
  1. Helps baby sleep! Babies are comforted by the human voice and heartbeat, which is why they enjoy being worn in a carrier when you need to get things done around your home. They feel safe because they can hear mommy's heart beating while also feeling close to her body heat.
  1. Baby cry less when wearing them in a carrier, babies are soothed by being worn close to their parents' bodies, because it helps them feel safe and secure.Babywearing baby cry less
  1. It's good for cognitive and social development. When you wear your baby in a carrier, they can see the world from mommy's point of view and watch as she interacts with others. This is good for social development and also great cognitive stimulation!
  1. Reduces reflux, carrying your baby in a carrier reduces reflux because it prevents the stomach from dropping down into the esophagus while also preventing acid from coming up. This is especially good for babies who have had surgery on their digestive tract to prevent further illness and complications.
  1. Do good for hip, shoulder, and spine development. When a baby is worn in a carrier they are properly supported by their pelvis, tummy muscles and back while also being offered optimal positioning to prevent further hip dysplasia or dislocation down the road!babywearing benefit for hip
  1. Prevent touching of stranger's germs. Baby carriers are great for protecting your baby from touching unknown surfaces or being exposed to potential diseases. Babies have a way of putting everything in their mouths, so wearing them close is good for keeping bacteria off of their skin and mouth!
  1. Mom can do many other things with the baby in a carrier! Carrying your baby is healthy for you and them. You can do many other things with the use of a carrier such as grocery shopping, going to appointments, or even going on walks around the block.
  1. Reduce postpartum depression. Parents that wear their baby in a carrier have been shown to reduce postpartum depression because they are able to get out and about while still bonding with the new little one!
  1. Help to breastfeed, babywearing can be very beneficial to breastfeeding. Not only does babywearing help the mother's bond with the baby, but it also allows easier access for nursing and feeding! With a carrier holding your little one right against you, they will feel much closer to mommy and have an easy way of being close while still getting what they need from their food source.

Babywearing is an excellent option for parents that are wanting to bond with their children, hold them close while helping out around the house, and also prevent further injury from repetitive tasks. The benefits of babywearing are endless! Parents can wear carriers in many different styles to accommodate their lifestyle or body type so there is no reason not to give it a try!