September 01, 2021

A water ring sling (also known as a mesh ring sling) is a type of carrier that has been designed to be worn. It allows you to carry your baby close and securely, while also having both hands free for other tasks.  

A water ring sling is a great way to get out on the water with your baby. It's easy to use and provides lots of support, so you can relax while swimming or boating with your child close by.

Water ring sling


The benefits of this type of carrier include: 

-It's easy to put baby on and take them off again without disturbing their position

-You can wear it in different ways depending on what you will be doing, put

-It doesn't require a separate insert (such as an infant insert) for younger babies, meaning it grows with the child.

There are some disadvantages too; however these can be avoided by using the carrier correctly. These include:

-Some people can find it uncomfortable to wear due to the fact that there are no waist straps. This means all of baby's weight is on your shoulders, so if you're carrying a heavy child or have trouble with posture this may not be the best option for you.

-It's difficult to breastfeed discreetly in a water sling.


How to use a water ring sling?

A water ring sling can be used in many ways. Please follow these steps:

-Threading the cloth through the rings, hold the carrier under the rings with your right hand, making sure that the surplus cloth is in front of the water sling.

-Put your left arm through the carrier and lift the carrier over your head. At this stage the rings should be positioned as high as possible in direction of your shoulder.

-Spread out the sling like a sack, with half of the sack spread across your abdomen.

-The cloth of the carrier should be spread as broadly as possible across your back, for better support and to protect your back.

-Make sure baby is secure and comfortable. This can be done by adjusting their position until you are happy with it or tightening up any loose parts of the fabric around them. You may need to adjust it a few times before finding that perfect fit for both yourself and your child.

How to use water ring sling?


Different positions of the water sling carrier

There are many different ways you can wear a water ring sling, depending on what it is most convenient for you.

Tummy to tummy carry

It is usually for baby between 0-3 months, this is when you hold baby close to your body with both hands. It's perfect for newborns as it keeps them near you, and allows them to feel secure while being held

Put your hand through the sling and hold baby’s feet together, pull the fabric up at least to baby’s neck. Support baby while bring the excess fabric around to the rings.

water ring sling position

Hip carry

This is the second most common position for baby wearing. It's perfect when you need your hands free, but still want them close by (such as while cooking). This can also be used for older babies and toddlers who may not enjoy being held as tightly around their chest.


This position is useful when you need to nurse a hungry baby but can't put them down. It's also ideal for babies who love the comfort of being held up high so they can see over your shoulder

How to remove baby from water sling carrier:

-Ensure the fabric is loose, and place your hands under their armpits/shoulders. You can also wrap your arms around them for extra support if you feel it's needed

-Lift up so they slide out of the fabric with ease


How to keep safe in water with water ring sling carrier?

-Never tie the sling too tightly around your waist as it could cause damage to internal organs

-Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothing that won't get caught in any parts of the sling

-Always make sure baby's face is visible at all times. Never let them sleep with their head covered by fabric

-It is vital for you to keep track of how much time your baby has been in the water ring sling each day. You don't want them inside it any longer than they need to be, and if their legs are getting red or cold this means they're not happy anymore and have had enough. It can also put pressure on their hips if the weight isn't evenly distributed.

water sling

In Conclusion

A water ring sling is an excellent choice for anyone looking to carry their baby around without the need of extra equipment. It's perfect for newborns and younger babies, as they can feel secure in this type of carrier while being able to move about freely.